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The Tulip SoftHarvest GOLD Kit™

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Tulip MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat (TNF)

New studies show adipose tissue demonstrates scientifically measurable regenerative capabilities as part of its natural physiological function. This opens up opportunities to potentially improve areas of the body where this natural function of fat has diminished over time, or due to injury. The best system for replenishing those areas with fat are from Tulip - the worldwide leader in fat transfer instrumentation for thirty years. Tulip's patent-pending protocols for sizing fat down to MicroFat and TRUE NanoFat, while preserving its natural properties, have been scientifically validated. Use Tulip's SoftHarvest GOLD Kit to replenish those depleted areas so the body's natural repair functions can operate normally. (See article, "NanoFat Cell Aggregates: A Near Constitutive Stromal Cell Inoculum For Regenerative Site-Specific Therapies," https://sdarts.com/blogs/studies/nanofat-cell-aggregates-a-near-constitutive-stromal-cell-inoculum-for-regenerative-site-specific-therapies

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GOLD: Gentle Out-patient Lipoaspirate Delivery

The Tulip SoftHarvest GOLD Kit™ contains everything needed to harvest and process fat to create Tulip MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat™ (TNF).

  • The Tulip Gen 2 NanoTransfer - for creating TNF
  • Infiltration Cannula
  • Harvesting Cannula
  • Transfers 
  • Compatible syringes


Unlock the Power of NanoFat



Patent-pending system designed with an intuitive protocol that’s been clinically and scientifically validated


Less than 15 minutes required to process both MicroFat and TRUE NanoFat (TNF)

Material Consistency

Tested by the pioneers in adipose biologics to repeatedly deliver both MicroFat and TNF


Validated to deliver a high yield adipose aggregate (TNF) that is injectable with 27-30 gauge needles


Per-patient pricing that makes adipose biologics an option for a broader patient population


The only system on the market developed in collaboration with the pioneers of both MicroFat and TRUE NanoFat (TNF)



Full Product List:

  • 1 each Single Use Tumescent Infiltrator SuperLuerLok 2.1mm x 15cm
  • 2 each Single Use Carraway Harvester SuperLuerLok 2.1mm x 15cm
  • 1 each Single Use Snap 60cc
  • 1 each NanoTransfer Generation II
  • 2 each Single Use Anaerobic Transfers 2.4mm
  • 1 each Single Use Sizing Transfer 1.4mm
  • 1 each Single Use Sizing Transfer 1.2mm
  • 2 each Harvesting Syringes 60cc BD
  • 2 each Harvesting Syringes 10cc BD
  • 4 each Injection Syringes 1cc BD

(Packaged as a single procedure kit).