About us

Tulip Biologics is dedicated to delivering the benefits of fat to millions of patients worldwide. Our passion is embodied in our clinically validated protocols and comprehensive procedure kits. These solutions have been developed by understanding our patients' needs and working with world class physicians to design an effective treatment for each of the targeted conditions.

How does adipose tissue (fat) help patients?

  • Fat is a potent source of regenerative tissue which has been shown to contain a significantly higher density of regenerative components than other well-known regenerative source tissue such as bone marrow. [1] [2]
  • A fat tissue harvest is a less invasive, less painful and lower risk procedure than a bone marrow harvest, and patients are usually delighted to participate. [3]
  • Unlike bone marrow, fat tissue retains significantly more of its regenerative potency throughout the aging process. [4]
  • Autologous (from one’s own body) adipose tissue has been shown to repair and regenerate damaged soft and connective tissue such as muscle, tendon, ligament and skin. [5]
  • Harvesting, processing and injecting adipose tissue can be done in a wide-awake, office-based setting in as little as 45 minutes with little or no downtime. [3]
  • Tulip's harvesting and processing systems are meticulously designed around its patent-pending protocols and devices which follow FDA's 361 guidance. [6]

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